Fraudolent use of my call sign (i5fip/1)

Hello to everybody,

it was some months that I was not using WSPR because at the beginning of this year my Zachtek device has been lost during a courier transportation, it was in a storage center in Sweden when it has been lost.

Now that I have a new WSPR device I have started a new session of test and I have had a look to the WSPR spot database. I have been much surprised reading that my call sign (i5fip/1) has been used from somebody on the 14th and 15th October. The grid position used is very unusual (Antarctic area…).
I would like to advice that those transmissions were of course not coming from me and I would like to ask if somebody has received thiese fraudulent emissions also before.
The call sign i5fip/1 has been used regulary up to the beginning of this year using a grid position close to Florence, Italy. Starting from March or April the use has been fraudolent.

I thank you very much in advance for your attention and send you my Best Regards, 73’s,

Pier Luigi Filetti

Florence, Italy