New WSPR Beacon on in Texas

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New WSPR Beacon on in Texas


I just got my stand-alone WSPR beacon working on 10.1402MHz. I am using the MJB stand-alone PC-Less MEPT_JT beacon by SM6LKM. I made several changes to the schematic adding features as I needed. I use the AmPRO DDS-30 board as my synthesizer. It really seems to work well. I built a 250mW PA made from a couple 2N2222A's matched to 50 Ohms, but then I connect it to my 40m, 20m, 15m antenna. It is just a simple dipole but apparently it is working well. Now, I didn't get my data packet right, it shows I have 30dB out, but I only have 24dB. I'm going to change it but not for a couple days. Y'all listen for me.