SETUP/Rx Volume and Control and/or Tx Volume Control use?

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SETUP/Rx Volume and Control and/or Tx Volume Control use?

Go to WSPR SETUP/Tx Volume Control for instance. The Mater Volume window opens. If you click on Options/Properties, the Properties window opens and in the block 'Mixer Device:' I have the option of several items to select. For the sake of WSPR do I have a need to be in that window to make changes- to make WSPR happy. The WSPR DOS window allows me to choose and set the sound device of interest. Should I set the device to that sound device that was set in the DOS window?? To me, confusing.

Using the FT-1000P Mark 5 with a Signalink. Must confess, the combo has been working for several months but this weekend I made changes to the xcvr to get on RTTY but when I moved back to WSPR setup I do not modulate the SSB xcvr. Receive/decode is OK. I have set the 8-6 menu to Easy-set/PS31-u & appears to be in USB mode although the LSB led is lite as has been advertised, i.e. proper setting.

Who has a hint, TU

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