WSJT crashing on start up and the fix

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WSJT crashing on start up and the fix

Hi. I just got myself into a situation where WSJT was crashing on startup. Deleting the WSJT.INI file didn't help.

What had happened was that my audio channel numbers had moved around a bit on the computer and the one for Input on WSJT was unavailable and WSJT was defaulting to a channel that was causing it to crash. Deleting the WSJT.INI didn't help because it was defaulting to the dud channel.

In the end, I restored an older copy I'd kept of WSJT.INI which got the program working long enough to correct the channel numbers.

Thinking about it, I could instead just have edited the channel numbers directly in WJST.INI.

Anyway, something to watch out for if WJST or WSPR crash on start up.

73 de Graham G3ZOD