10m WSPRing overnight during the Perseids MS shower

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10m WSPRing overnight during the Perseids MS shower
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Overnight Aug 11/12th I ran my WSPR beacon on 28MHz (5W, 20% to a halo antenna) to see if I'd get any reports via MS long pings. The answer is maybe yes. I got two reports (0250 and 0430z) from F4VNS and no-one else. I also copied some weak and watery traces with what looked like Doppler shifts, which I guess could be MS trails. The other explanation is the two reports were as a result of brief sporadic-E openings during the night. However, the timing is consistent with a couple of long MS bursts at the peak of a big MS shower.

I've put some images of the watery Doppler shifted bursts on my blog. Comments/thoughts please?

Roger G3XBM