QRM and aerial movement

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QRM and aerial movement

QRM and the next door neighbours!

Very sadly I suffer from lots of noise from next door, I have called OFCOM out (The office of communication i.e. the UK Government Radio Police), to see if it can be lowered and I am still waiting for a third visit.

My wire dipole sits high above the adjoined houses and close to the source of QRM, in the effort to reduce the noise I have scarified my flat top for a vertical leg in the dipole and sat it the other side of the narrow garden, my worry was that it would kill my radio reports world-wide and depress me even more.

But this is where WSPR proved within hours that I could smile still and that I still could be heard in the far reaches of China, Japan and Australia, with the same power of 2 1/2 watts . Thank you to all who put the effort in behind the curtains to make this work and keep it working. It would have taken me months of working and listening to the radio to prove that my Aerial was still functioning well.

Ken Powell G0PPM parts per million