The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Kicking off my first blog entry with a hello to everyone and let folks know what I am working with.

I'll be setting up for weak modes at KL7AA over the holidays. The station is setup for 10/15/20 meters so far with 40 & 80 soon coming.

Antennae planned are one loop for 40/80m and a BigIR vertical for up to 80. Existing is a Cushcraft 3-element Yagi.

The rig is a Yaesu MK-V FT-1000MP with an ACOM 1.5kw linear. The PC and rig are interfaced with a MicroHAM MKII USB. Overall a sweet setup.

The station is operational on digimodes with HRD/DRM780, MultiPSK, MixW etc.

At this point, I can say that I am COMPLETELY amazed at MEPT_JT, and its capabilities. Today, I received VK6BN's transmissions 3 times...from Australia to Western New York on 30 meters. AWESOME. SIMPLY AWESOME.


playing around with wspr on several systems at the same moment, i found out that there was a difference in time (wspr program) after a few hours.
One clock was about 30 seconds ahead of the other computer.
However i synchronize (ntp) the clocks in windows (every 24 hours).
But that seems not to be enough for some computers, gives a difference of minutes per day!
Timing is very crucial in WSPR , the more your of timing, the less spots you get.

On the web a found a freeware program called 'automachron'.

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I understand the problem now, and I'll put in a change which I think will fix it next week. Sorry for all the inconvenience this has caused.

Hi all,

I´m Ricardo EA1RJ, after some weeks testing with WSPR, i think it´s very funny and i have created my account on WEBsite.

i hope to report yours weak signals hi hi.

my working conditions are:

Half Sloper on 160 m.
Half Wave Wire dipole on 80 m
Half Wave Rotatory dipole on 40 m (13 m long shorted with coils)
Non specific antenna for 30 m, testing existing antenas.
HY-GAIN Explorer 14 for 20, 15 and 10 m
Half Wave Rotatory dipole on 12 m
ZX-YAGUI 5 elements for 11 m (5,60 m boom)



I am running a wspr station for a couple of weeks now, and 'its fun!'

Station Setup here:
8 meter vertical on a steel grid, atu at the feeding point.
homebrew FD3 (40-80mband)
TS430 modified (so i can use cw if filter (250HZ) in ssb mode).
mfj784b dsp filter tuned at a 225HZ bandwith.
Homebrew interface to cpu with 1:1 transformers, ptt = vox driven.
power meter, calibrated, measuring down to 10mW

This morning a made a 3D snapshot of T61AA's signal on 17m.
Special about it is the crossing carrier, that hops the band in and out over here.

This mode is amazing the way it gets through in an apparently dead or noisy band.

Last night we (Tony VK6HAM and I) were getting good results around the place on 20 metres. We decided to crank down the power - tony was able to get down to 1 watt, I couldn't get below 5. We were still getting into Europe and other places. I think I'll have to learn how to put my auto ATU a bit offside to reduce the effective output.

Today I was getting around in spite of finding my loop antenna had one of its four corners on the ground. It's been a bit windy today.

The latest:
I changed soundcards - working off a Sound Blaster now, and I tweaked the sound levels, in and out, and its performing much better, both on send and receive.

Whew! I thought I was going mad. Perhaps I am, but WSPR works!!

Hi all

Yesterday I had my first serious play with WSPR, and I couldn't get it to decode what it was hearing. I fooled around with sound devices, but that wasn't the issue. I connected to a few time servers and "synchronised" the clock. No go. I was receiving stuff, getting nice green bars on the waterfall, but had no call signs or other data coming up.

I read some of the postings here, and against what I thought was my better judgment, installed Dimension 4. Then the signals began to decode, and I was operational.

WSPR Frequencies are listed in the footer of each page on this web site. I noticed these on an early visit to the site, left it a couple of months before running the program, and could not find them again!! I expected a link to these frequencies, or to a "getting started" document. Eventually a web search turned up the table below. At the time, I did not record where I found it, but subsequent stumbling around reveals I cut it from Julian Moss, G4ILO's excellent article at which is an excellent "Getting Started" document.

After downloading WSPR and installing it onto my XP Home machine, and making sure that Dimension4 was installed and updating, I was treated to my first batch of calls that were decoded on 30 meters. Hopefully, there are others that are receiving my 500 mW from my FT-817ND...although from what I have read, 500 mW seems like quite a bit of power.


Greetings everyone. I'm actually here due to the inspiration from Mark KF6KYI. I have been a user of JT65A, and have been looking for the "next frontier", so to speak. I hope to not only learn more about this amazing mode, but look forward to making some incredible contacts as well...since first and foremost I AM a QRP enthusiast. (Using JT65A, I worked Belarus with 3 watts....I can't wait to see what else is possible)

Currently, I am running an Icom IC-740 (80's vintage transceiver) into a trapped vertical at about 15 feet AGL. The WSPR computer is also an antique - a Dell Inspiron 7500 (650MHz, 512 MB).

I typically run in receive mode on 30m overnight, followed by a short spell of active WSPR'ing in the morning. My station is also active in the evenings and at the weekends, but this is more variable.

When contacting me through these pages, please put useful identification in the Subject Line. My spam filter is quite aggressive.

Hi everyone,

Just a few quick notes on the WSPR setup here:

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, Grid: DM26IE
Rig: Yaesu FT-897 usually @5W
Antenna: Yaesu ATAS-100 (mounted on roof w/ chickenwire ground plane)
Interface: WMR Rigblaster Plus

-Larry AC7SM