The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

This seems a handy place to Notify and Remind everyone about my 5 unit Multimode Visual + WSPR MEPT.

Reports to the WSPR Spots or Screen Captures are always welcome, whilst it does involve a shift of Dial Frequency to 10.1386 in order to receive the Beacon, during this time stations can still RX and TX in the 10.140100 to 10.140200 Range.

MEPT Frequency 10.140073MHz.
Power 40mW.
Antenna 40m 1/2 Wave Doublet + ATU - OR 6m Vertical + ATU - OR 0.9m Hairspray Vertical. (Variable)

I heard from Bonnie KQ6XA of ALE/HFLINK, who pointed out that my proposed new frequencies on 15m and 12m overlapped primary ALE channels by about 100Hz, so I'm updating the matrix below and on the sked page to move them down by 1 KHz.

We have about 100 stations operating WSPR regularly, almost all on 30m
most of the time (9,300 spots there today). We have had small nomadic
groups try out different bands, but I think the next step should be to
decide what bands we would like to get a critical mass of operation
on; having only a handful of stations on a band doesn't tell us nearly
as much. On the other hand, if we spread ourselves out over 9 HF
bands, we wouldn't have critical mass anywhere.

My initial thought was to try to promote a group on 10m during the day

2008-04-19 update: After no negative and several positive feedbacks, I'm including the new suggested frequencies I sent out and posted a couple of days ago, modified by 1KHz to not overlap the ALE channels.

Also, please note that many JT65A operators also run WSPR while on JT65A calling frequencies, particularly 7.076 and 14.076.

The 6m frequency is not settled yet; several are using 50.293 as a starting point.

Band Dial Tx Center
160m 1.808.6 1.810.1
80m 3.592.6 3.594.1
40m 7.074.6 7.076.1
30m 10.138.7 10.140.2
20m 14.095.6 14.097.1
17m 18.104.6 18.106.1
15m 21.094.6 21.096.1
12m 24.924.6 24.926.1
10m 28.124.6 28.126.1
6m 50.293.0 50.294.5

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We clearly have a critical mass of WSPR operation on 30m with over
25,000 spots on 30m alone in the last two days. As we being to think
about more systematic operation on bands other than 30m, we should
really standardize on where to operate. This message is long, but I
don't want anyone to think I'm arbitrarily suggesting changing some
frequencies on a whim.

To net it out, this is a proposal to:

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